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With Choose and Use, Het Nieuwe Instituut has developed a new format that makes archives from the National Collection available to the cultural field. Together with participating partners, we are making a selection of archival documents that corresponds to specific themes and current concerns. In this way, the National Collection will become increasingly interwoven with local and regional issues.

Choose and Use

The first Choose and Use pilot scheme will take place from 12 June to 15 August with a presentation of materials from the archive of Luzia Hartsuyker-Curjel as a supplement to Bureau Europa’s exhibition and lecture series Love in a Mist, about how women have historically shaped spaces and policies in relation to their own fertility. The Choose and Use archival presentation uses original drawings to show Luzia and Enrico Hartsuyker’s alternative and often radical housing solutions from the period of post-war reconstruction until the late 1990s.

Disclosing Architecture

The large-scale restoration and digitisation programme Disclosing Architecture (2018-24) ensures that large parts of the collection that were previously too vulnerable to be loaned to other institutions can now be shown. Choose and Use draws upon archives that have been conserved or restored as part of Disclosing Architecture. Het Nieuwe Instituut consciously encourages numerous different interpretations of the collection. Choose and Use was set up in part to create partnerships that can broaden the range of perspectives through which the National Collection can be approached.

If you are interested in a possible partnership, please contact our curator and project leader, Eline de Graaf: