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Disclosing Architecture contains a number of projects, briefly introduced below with a referral as soon as more information is available. In addition to these projects, there is room to develop new, future projects with a research-based and speculative character.


Rethinking the Collection

Rethinking the Collection questions the value and significance of Het Nieuwe Instituut's collection, and looks back at its policy history. It explores new approaches and possible forms of the collection in the future, partly in response to the acquisition of the MVRDV archive. This forms a substantive basis for projects within Disclosing Architecture, and at the same time relates to the reorientation of heritage at Het Nieuwe Instituut.

Invented from Copies

The copy plays an important role in the architect's design process. Although the original or the manual sketch is traditionally more appreciated, the meaning of the copy cannot be underestimated. The blueprint, photoreproductive print, plastic tone, and fax are just a few variants of the many architectural copies in the archives. Het Nieuwe Instituut's ambition is to develop new perspectives on the collection through research into the copy, questioning the existing values of the archive.

Virtual CIAM Museum

The Jaap Bakema Study Centre (JBSC) has made a proposal for a Virtual CIAM Museum (working title). This project aims to create a virtual museum with various international architecture archives and universities by means of a web platform, making these archives more accessible to an audience of professionals, researchers, students, and all other interested parties. In addition, it investigates whether this could be a format to bring together other networks of decentralised archives in a curated environment. As a broad international consortium would have its own complexity, Het Nieuwe Instituut and the JBSC will initially take the lead, and network partners will subsequently be invited to further develop the Virtual CIAM Museum.

Collecting Otherwise

Het Nieuwe Instituut considers it imperative to ask fundamental questions about the value and significance of the documents contained in the collection. In turn, these questions could contribute to the reorientation of notions of what could, or should, constitute heritage and archiving in specific moments in time.Its first iteration looks into feminist and gender queer spatial practices, connecting with Het Nieuwe Instituut’s ongoing ambition to reveal not only the possibilities of its rich collection, but also the gaps within it, thus recognising actors and practices that have been and are excluded on the basis of historical collection policies, for example.