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Disclosing Architecture

Disclosing Architecture is a six-year programme designed to improve the visibility and accessibility of the architecture collection, made possible by a one-off investment from the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. Disclosing Architecture looks at the collection of archives from new perspectives in order to reformulate the collections policy and arrive at new concepts regarding the valuation of historical sources.

Seen/Unseen, the first manifestation of the Collecting Otherwise project, investigates the influence of women and gender fluidity within architectural practice. By viewing archives from a distinctly feminist, queer and decolonial perspective, Collecting Otherwise highlights those perspectives that generally remain hidden in current architectural and archival practices.


The part of the archive that has already been digitised contains mostly drawings and documentation. The photographs in the archive have been digitised by a company that specialises in digitising museum collections. The slide collection will be digitised inhouse over the course of this year as part of a project in which 20,000 slides from various archives will be digitised.

The inventory of Cora Nicolaï-Chaillet’s archive is accessible via the search portal. Through this, you can access the drawings and documents linked to the archival descriptions. The photographs will follow later this year and the slides next year. Cora Nicolaï-Chaillet’s archive also forms part of the multi-year Wikimedia project, which is also part of Disclosing Architecture.