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Photography in the National Collection

The photos in the National Collection are as diverse as they are numerous. There is not only great variation in content – from buildings and street scenes to holiday albums and portraits – but also in the materials and applications used. The quality varies from snapshots taken by architects on construction sites, to work by famous architectural photographers. Photos have been used as a means of reporting and communication, in publications or as a source of inspiration, and they have also been part of the design process and used, for example, in collages or design drawings.

Disclosing Architecture

As part of the Disclosing Architecture programme, all photos from the National Collection for Dutch Architecture and Urban Planning are being conserved, registered, digitised and, where necessary, restored. For a long time, photos were considered primarily a secondary source. For the first time, this collection is now being mapped out in a thorough manner, creating a clear picture of the materials and techniques used. In addition to photographic material, the collection also includes photomechanical material and mixed-technique works. In 2022, further research will be carried out to assess the value of the collection.